For Whom the Bell Tolls, Part II

The Missing and the Dead

MISSING: Ralph Licciardi
"Ralph is 30, six feet, 205 pounds, he has a little, about an inch, scar, on his upper chest," said his father, Sebastiano Licciardi. "He was born and raised in Queens. He bought a house last year in West Hempstead, Long Island. Ralph is married and has two sons, a two-and-a-half-year-old boy and a nine-month-old boy. It's not that I'm not worried about him, but thing that worries me most is the children."

Ralph Licciardi's family described him as a union electrician with Local Three. They think he was working a job on the 105th floor of tower two. "When he called his wife before the second hit, she says it was a couple minutes to nine, he called to tell his wife he was OK, he was on his way out, let me get out of here," his father said. "That's a couple of minutes before the other plane hit. We're going to call Verizon to find out the exact time. It's not going to make much difference. His cellular phone of today keeps ringing. He called from the 92nd floor, so he was already 13 floors down from the job on the l05th floor."

Ralph's brother, Anthony, also worked in the towers, for Lehman Brothers, but he was set to fly out to Chicago on business early Tuesday morning. When they heard the news about the hijacked planes, the family was initially more concerned about Anthony.

Then Ralph's wife called. The Licciardis have been looking for him ever since, sending Anthony to view the bodies pulled from the rubble, several of whom look like the missing son. The family has provided authorities with Ralph's hairbrush, toothbrush, and dental records to help with identification. "I hope my son comes home alive," said Sebastiano. "That is the best lottery I could hit, to have my son come back."

MISSING: Lorraine Antigua
Lorraine Antigua, 32, of Brooklyn, was on the 104th floor of tower one, in her office at Cantor Fitzgerald. Antigua has two children and a fiancé, Brian Wilkes. She is described as five-eight, with brown eyes and dark brown wavy hair. At the time of the accident, she was wearing a diamond bracelet and pendant and small, gold loop earrings.

Before last week's tragedy, most people associated the World Trade Center with business suits, briefcases, and important finance transactions. Yet in the shadow of thousands of white collars, the most famous "twins" in the world also employed more than 1,200 SEIU Local 32BJ members as porters, elevator operators, cleaners, security guards, window cleaners, tour guides and food service workers. Some escaped. Arelene Charles and Carmen Griffiths, who worked on the WTC elevators, made it out (Griffiths suffered burns on her face and other injuries). But of the approximately 350 union members that were working in the towers at the time of the attack, 27 have not been accounted for.

Because the attacks took place in the morning, it's likely that undocumented deliverymen, waiters, vendors, and maintenance workers were also in the buildings—immigrants who had come to the city for better opportunities. We may never know the names of these people and we can only speculate that their families abroad—in countries like Mexico, Albania, India—knew where they worked, and are trying to find them. Maybe they too have erected shrines in their names, hoping, like so many others, for a miracle.

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MISSING: John Katsimatides
Since the towers collapsed, members of the Greek community have been gathering at the Astoria home of John Katsimatides, a 31-year-old bond broker for Cantor Fitzgerald. Anthoula, his sister, described her brother as five-six and 160 pounds, with very dark, receding hair that is cut very short. She said he wears a wooden cross on a black strap with a bead on either side, and usually dresses in khakis and a dress shirt. He lives with his mom and dad.

He's a bond broker at Cantor Fitzgerald, 104th floor, One World Trade. "His friends call him Johnny Cash," Anthoula said. "Why, well because he wishes he did have lots of cash, or he acts like he does. He's very, very giving, very generous, the life of the party. He has a lot of friends nationally. Everybody who meets him loves him."

Anthoula said he gets to work on the 104th floor of tower one by 7:30 a.m., because the bond market opens at eight. "I can tell you that there are rumors," she said. "The father-in-law of a pregnant woman from Cantor Fitzgerald got on TV and said their daughter got out safely, and the last person she was with was a person named John from Cantor, with a last name she can't remember. We heard she was in the hospital. Maybe it's not a rumor, maybe it is true. There are a lot of Johns on the 104th floor.

"He is physically fit. I don't doubt he tried to help people. For once, we wish he wasn't such a nice guy. He is always making jokes, always laughing, always very caring, helping with things around the home."

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