The Emperor’s New Praise

Rudy Pushes Right Buttons, Wrong Candidate

With all of New York, including its financial center, now in dire trouble, Freddy Ferrer's "Other New York" message no longer resonates, and the cancellation of the election may have reversed the brilliant momentum of his campaign, which was at a peak that morning on September 11. The crisis could bring out voters who would not have participated on the earlier scheduled date, and Giuliani may move them in the direction of his surrogate Vallone, implicitly suggesting that we will get his team in a Vallone term. A likely one-term mayor if elected, the 67-year-old Vallone looks more and more like a caretaker stand-in for Giuliani, who can run again in four years.

Rudy Giuliani has taken center stage to rave reviews.
photo: Kirk Cordyles
Rudy Giuliani has taken center stage to rave reviews.

On the other hand, Mark Green, Alan Hevesi, and the November candidate, Michael Bloomberg—all of whom project a sturdy competence—may have been strengthened by a cataclysm that calls for great leadership.

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