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But at least Glitter is amusing, if inadvertently so. The abundance of corny, patriotic schlock rock filling the airwaves these days is making me puke. I'm also going borderline thanks to all the columnists, editors, and talk show hosts declaring the end of irony (excuse me, but a wry, mocking sense of perspective is the hallmark of a free society), and saying that what they do is now trivial and irrelevant and they're having trouble continuing. Funny, they did their trivial shit all through the AIDS crisis and other globe-threatening horrors, but now they're thinking twice? Well, I've always thought my subject matter was smallish and specialized, but I approach it with utter seriousness, because it matters to me and aims to provide relief, entertainment, and sometimes even information to others. If I could cure cancer or reattach limbs, I would, but this is what I do, and in the face of threats to our liberty, it's crucial to seize back the chance to do what we do! Besides, there are enough people beating their chests, waving the flag, and screaming, "Get the bastards!"

Of course, even in chasing trivial pursuits, there has to be a limit—and that was surely surpassed by a dumb-assed fax that went out on September 14. It was a shameless press release for the Imitation of Christ fashion show the week before, and it didn't even mention the war—it simply spewed on about how "an eclectic group of models and icons participated, including May Anderson, Carol Alt, Kylie Bax . . . " Oy.

Still, they were honest. When I got a make-millions-quick e-mail that began with a caring, topical intro, it was jarring beyond belief. "May each of us find the peace and strength we need to get through this difficult time," it said, touchingly. And then it went into the real message: "Since I've joined this program, I've been making money. If you're interested in checking it out . . . " Double oy. In fact, glory, glory, hallelu-yuck.

Windows on the World chef Michael Lomonaco hugs a coworker who survived the WTC attack.
photo: Sylvia Plachy
Windows on the World chef Michael Lomonaco hugs a coworker who survived the WTC attack.

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