Changing Landscapes

Brave Faces in Out-of-the-Way Places

Dixon Place is also an endearing site, with its mismatched sofas and chairs. Last Wednesday's dance event offered four in-progress pieces. Rachel Thorne Germond is a tall, strong woman, and I'm struck, watching her Untitled Improvisation, by the contrast between her sometimes obsessive or struggling moments and her vacant facial expression, as if she were off somewhere meditating on her actions. The best part of Vicky Virgin's disjointed and inscrutable thing-laden . . . and the flower thereof is fallen is cellist Michelle Kinney playing Bach in a partial fox mask, although Virgin, done up as a badger in fuzzed pointe shoes and ripping zinnias apart, is pretty interesting too.

A city upside down: Chelsea Bacon is phat.
photo: Cary Conover
A city upside down: Chelsea Bacon is phat.

Melissa Briggs's Ending, to music by the Rachels, evokes the past of Martha's Vineyard (it was made at the Yard). Four women in old-fashioned white underwear sit side by side, rowing. At one point Stephanie Liapis trickles imaginary sand secretively into Briggs's hand. Sometimes the actions recall kids at play, but seen through memory—the roughhousing turned tender, the womanly tasks part of a limpid flow. Ivy Baldwin adventures through her One Flew Sideways to an Italian song. Whether advancing with meaningfully swinging hips, inspecting her breasts with sudden pleasure and shame, or plummeting into a split, Baldwin creates a beguiling character, always a little out of step with her life.

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