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The hero of many, Edward Cardinal Egan, just went out on a limb and said that America should search its soul for possible misdeeds that may have contributed to the current situation from hell. He was greeted by a round of amens. Well, imagine if Bill Maher had uttered the same pronouncement. Heads would have promptly rolled like those of Taliban women—all in the name of democracy.

Speaking of heads, my best wishes go out to Sharon Stone, whose brain is actually her strongest attribute. Alas, the poor thing had to suffer this write-up in the Post: "Stone's hospital stint is not expected to dent her career, as she is not currently working on any projects." I guess that sequel to Diabolique never materialized.

Oh, the folks who opened the club Daddy three weeks ago aren't doing that project anymore—not because of the wartime crunch, but because "our silent partner became a lot less silent." (Still, they feel the club's run was "historically significant.") But some changes are a direct result of the war, like how people are driving so recklessly, no doubt figuring we'll all be killed by anthrax, not car accidents. Also, a lot of establishments are trying to gouge a little extra money to make up for losses, never quite handing over the correct change when I patriotically patronize them. I always fully understand—before blowing a fit that could curl Hedda's pubic hair.

But what exact note do we strike these days, folks? The Emmys were dirged up, then canceled, but a commercial promoting Broadway is being criticized as too somber and depressing! Make up your minds, people. Pick a tone and stick to it!

But before you decide: In '99, despite complaints—like how the building was a potential target and also happened to be owned by a political supporter—our mayor had an emergency bunker built at 7 World Trade Center. Legendarily enough, a 6000-gallon fuel tank was installed there to run the generators in case of a power outage. Well, when the planes hit the other two towers on September 11, flying debris fell on 7 WTC, which some insiders say ignited that very fuel. Still love Rudy?


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