The Race Factor

A View From behind the Scenes

Al Sharpton doesn't want the keys to City Hall. He's never asked for any patronage jobs. All he wants is media and respect; that's the Al I know. But the agenda was anybody but Freddy.

Where do we go from here?
We'll play another day. We asked that at the Unity rally Friday four people get up and say that what was done to Freddy Ferrer and Al Sharpton was wrong. The only person who did that was Terry McAuliffe [chair, National Democratic Committee]. The other three people were Senator Clinton, Senator Schumer, and [State Democratic Committee Chair] Judith Hope. They gave us the impression that they would do that and they didn't. That's what has happened here. I still want a Democrat to be mayor, but I'm taking a few days off to see how enthusiastic I am to make that happen.

Read Jill Nelson's "Race Counts: White Voters Play the Race Card, Again."

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