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To the delight of female drag queens everywhere, Comedy Central premiered segment two of the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous season (the first episode has a terrorist reference they're still futzing with). At the event, creator-star Jennifer Saunderssaid she resurrected the beloved series because "no one will hire me but me, and [costar] Joanna Lumleyhasn't worked much either. There are no roles for women our age—and she's older than I am!"

The very young Ananda Lewis Showis already in an employment crisis; I hear it's being sleazed up for ratings and some staffers are jumping ship before the strippers hit. But jump on this: In a gang-phoner with the press, old hoofer Britney Spears was asked why she covered "I Love Rock-n-Roll." "I love Pat Benatar!" she responded, gleefully. (Try Joan Jett, cutie.) Britney was also nervily asked, "Since you're a virgin, how do you and Justin Timberlakework things out?" The answer? "I think we can move on to the next question."

And that question is: Now that Justin may appear on Friends, reprising his role from the 'N Syncmovie, shouldn't someone point out that it's the part of a limp-wristed, lithping hairdresser?

But moving on to my own plea for racial tolerance: Focusis about a couple who are victimized because they're wrongly thought to be Jewish, right? So what did the bacon-throwing reviewers say? "But William H. Macyand Laura Derndon't even lookJewish!" Oy! Even Macy admits he told the director, "You got the wrong guy," and was assured, "No—it's important that . . . you don'tremotely look Jewish." Triple oy! I never thought I'd be lecturing the preachers, but hey, folks, there's no one way to "look Jewish," OK? It's a faith, not a nose style.

And now, goy toy Anne Heche got mad at The Advocatefor asking if her hubby's ever had a gay experience? This from the open-booked sexpot who says love is fluid and who breaks her bi back to insist it's OK to sleep with either gender! But I guess I'm sounding like a mental patient who thinks he's from the planet K-Y. Maybe Richard Gerecan take my energy and turn it into compassion.


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