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To the delight of female drag queens everywhere, Comedy Central premiered segment two of the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous season (the first episode has a terrorist reference they're still futzing with). At the event, creator-star Jennifer Saunders said she resurrected the beloved series because "no one will hire me but me, and [costar] Joanna Lumley hasn't worked much either. There are no roles for women our age—and she's older than I am!"

The very young Ananda Lewis Show is already in an employment crisis; I hear it's being sleazed up for ratings and some staffers are jumping ship before the strippers hit. But jump on this: In a gang-phoner with the press, old hoofer Britney Spears was asked why she covered "I Love Rock-n-Roll." "I love Pat Benatar!" she responded, gleefully. (Try Joan Jett, cutie.) Britney was also nervily asked, "Since you're a virgin, how do you and Justin Timberlake work things out?" The answer? "I think we can move on to the next question."

And that question is: Now that Justin may appear on Friends, reprising his role from the 'N Sync movie, shouldn't someone point out that it's the part of a limp-wristed, lithping hairdresser?

But moving on to my own plea for racial tolerance: Focus is about a couple who are victimized because they're wrongly thought to be Jewish, right? So what did the bacon-throwing reviewers say? "But William H. Macy and Laura Dern don't even look Jewish!" Oy! Even Macy admits he told the director, "You got the wrong guy," and was assured, "No—it's important that . . . you don't remotely look Jewish." Triple oy! I never thought I'd be lecturing the preachers, but hey, folks, there's no one way to "look Jewish," OK? It's a faith, not a nose style.

And now, goy toy Anne Heche got mad at The Advocate for asking if her hubby's ever had a gay experience? This from the open-booked sexpot who says love is fluid and who breaks her bi back to insist it's OK to sleep with either gender! But I guess I'm sounding like a mental patient who thinks he's from the planet K-Y. Maybe Richard Gere can take my energy and turn it into compassion.


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