Big Brother’s ‘Reason’ to Fear

Libertarian Mag Gears Up for Wartime

Of course, satire is protected by the First Amendment. But Zuckerman must have been steamed. According to The New York Times, Newsexecs contacted Postadvertisers, suggesting they drop their accounts. At least one did, admonishing the Postto be more sensitive. Allan copped to "approving" the cartoon, and told everyone to lighten up.

Controversy is nothing new for Delonas, who has caught flak in the past for his ethnic caricatures. More curious is his willingness to toady up to his patrons. In the mid 1990s, when Delonas painted the altarpiece at the Church of Saint Agnes, he gave one of the saints the face of Ken Chandler. In the October 20 cartoon, the Chandler figure has a barely visible sheep on his arm, which insiders say is iconography for Postowner Rupert Murdoch, a native of Australia.

Given his cartoon cameo, it's safe to assume that Murdoch approved the Zuckerman smear, and some people think the Newsshould retaliate. But an insider says the Newshas nothing to gain. "It would be like fighting with a pig," said this source. "You both get dirty and the pig loves it."

Delonas, Chandler, and Allan did not return calls for comment.

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