Osama’s New Recruits

White Power and Al Qaeda Unite Against America

Their cases may provide a clue as to what's going to happen next, says Mike Reynolds, a former Southern Poverty Law Center investigator. Both men slowly perfected their weaponry, with Kaczynski trying one bomb after another, starting in 1978, until a 1985 explosion killed a man in Sacramento. He would make his bombs in Montana and then transport them to sites as far away as Berkeley, California.

Cops say Rudolph also perfected his bombs. He stands accused of beginning with the clumsy backpack explosion at Centennial Park in Atlanta during the Olympics, then of setting one off in a local gay bar. No one was killed. By the time he allegedly got to the Birmingham, Alabama, abortion clinic, he was using timers and setting off the explosions by radio from a car. The message from both these cases is pretty simple: Hone the technique and use it with astounding success again and again.

That abortion clinics have received hundreds of new anthrax threats—on top of the ones they've gotten in years past—serves to shore up the theory that current attacks are domestic. Nor is raw anthrax a particularly hard weapon to get, since it requires only a specimen, an incubator, and hate.

As the bioattacks unfolded, William Pierce, a former physics teacher and current leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, suggested Americans shouldn't be surprised. "What the people mailing out anthrax-infected letters are giving us is just a reminder that we can have no real security—in fact, no real future for our children and our grandchildren—until we regain control of our own government," Pierce wrote online. "You must not believe the generals and the politicians who tell you confidently from your television screens that if we just use enough cruise missiles and smart bombs and kill enough of the Jews' enemies in the Middle East we'll be safe again. Americans will never again have real security or real peace of mind until they have regained control of their government and their media."

Additional reporting: Arison-Lisabeth Anderson, Meritxell Mir, and Sarah Park

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