Rashomon in the Bedroom

"I’m What They Call a 'Pushy Bottom'"

Not being able to read the full range of her e-mails, the original jury could not judge the credibility of her testimony. Nor could she be cross-examined about the e-mails.

An original mover in this case was Linda Fairstein, chief of the Manhattan District Attorney's sex crimes unit. As reported in The New York Times, Fairstein "appeared at Mr. Jovanovic's initial arraignment" and "invoked what she said was Mr. Jovanovic's 'collection of Jeffrey Dahmer materials.' " (Dahmer was a sexually motivated serial killer and cannibal.)

But, say the Times reporters, "no such collection has come to light.'' (Emphasis added.) And Fairstein described Jovanovic "binding, gagging, raping, and sodomizing a petrified young woman."

I congratulate Robert Morgenthau for doing justice in this case.

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