A Doom of One’s Own

Everything That Rises Must Converge: Southern Exposure
photo: Joan Marcus
Everything That Rises Must Converge: Southern Exposure


Everything That Rises Must Converge
By Flannery O'Connor
New York Theatre Workshop
79 East 4th Street

Needcompany's King Lear
By William Shakespeare
BAM Harvey Theater (Closed)

The incredulous shrinking audience hurried out in droves, yet this Next Wave Lear proved more intellectually engaging and viscerally entertaining than the lead-footed F. Murray Abraham rendition at the Public Theater in 1996 or the Globe's literal-minded go at it this past summer. Lauwers's sprint through the acts was glib, warmed-over Dada at worst, but at its best—e.g., during the cacophonous Act V, replete with strobes and munchy vultures—the production resembled a Fischerspooner multimedia tribute to the Wooster Group. Needcompany's elaborate bafflement before this unfathomable tragedy was exhausting but heartening. Shouldn't every true Lear be something of a catastrophe?

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