The Skirt Chaser Wins

But in an Alternate Universe, Mayor Michelle Bloomingdale Rules

But back to our alternate city. Poor Herzoner is struggling through an awkward breakfast in Gracie Mansion. Her evening companion is truly easy on the eyes, but when he opens those chiseled lips—sorry, studmuffin, she's gotta run. Even as she sends him on his way and begins her busy day, Mayor Michelle can take a little comfort. No, she may not respect her lay this morning, but at least she doesn't have to look at the guy for four whole years.

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what a sham that I do not like Ruport Murdoch, that senile octogenarian dating a muuuuuuch

younger Oriental ho.............................and it is a shame even further that none but me is commenting,

but it is a boring Sunday in Kingston, NY, a creepy upstate burgh, the dumping ground of New York

to which I fled post 9/ll after 4 years in Florida...........later for which I ran post 9/ll

after FEMA gave me a whole big $18,000 a year like for those  penned up stallions 60 minutes started to report but dropped, as usual.


The people at the DOE, trying to take a crap on everyone, but doesn't everyone, all the mayors

since Koch killing low income housing - Koch being the only one I know who kept his rent control

apartment while allowing landlords to phase out rent control - who then goes and buys a house

in Westchester.


Guiliani - the cross-dressing anal retentive loser, who marries his cousin cause it was bettor than having sex with her w/o the license altho I know a Post descendent (CWPost - sorry Linda) who did.

Who went on to continuosly teacher bash in true the Republican style of union busting - and proceeded to neglect the outer boroughs.


So what is the surprise that womanizer like Bloomberg should take office on the false notion that

he would drag up all the Jewish wannabees, thinking that he would drage them into wealth - Ricans

in particular - didn't Clinton, a democrat do that by feeling our pain, and then leaving office with

a shoe in his foot but million dollar speaking fees and a $7 mil  wedding for the kid.


Those same voters blaming Jews and teacher for everything post 9/ll as the typical backstabbing

nut jubs they are.


Having to spend 4 years in Fla was an eyeopener - thanks NYC for not providing decent affordable

housing for anyone but particularly for disabled and seniors - for which mayors and governors

and landlords and Trump are to blame.  Four years in and out of shelters, and on bad marriage

to someone I met in assited living (the one assisted living facility in the whole world that was

sort of ok) and then divorce - more about that - only to return to NYC under the Bloomberg watch

only to find the only place to stay that I could afford on a disability check after 20 years at the

DOE as a vet teacher was in a Hostel designed for foreign students travelling here.  Thank you

Koch, Giuliani and now Bloomberg - I am in the dumping ground of NYS in a slanting Sec. 8

apt....the only prize being my lovely, adorable married landlord who I taught to apoligize for

his "baaaad" male behavior, ie advance.


Bloomberg altho more aggressive - and upon hearing from an aquaintance that Bloomberg loves

women - yeah in quantity and the less Jewish the bettor, and that he has become an Independent,

..............I decided to review the situation,.  I must say - I am not impressed, neither with him or

the Voice. 


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