To Play the King

Brooklyn's Chance to Anoint the Next Council Speaker Is Slipping Through the Fault Lines

Defending himself, Rodriguez says the job should be his, based on experience and merit, pointing that he is one of only two returning council members who worked on the budget committee, and that he serves as the first vice chairman of the black-Latino caucus. Everyone has to be comfortable making up their mind who they want to support," says Rodriguez, who maintains he has the support of "several" of the members of the Fresh Democracy Council.

"There is no deal. Everyone’s talking, building coalitions, a number of quality candidates and names have been mentioned," says David Weprin, a Queens city councilman whose name has been frequently mentioned for the No. 2 job of finance chair. "I don’t think there has been a deal. All I can tell you is that Queens will be at the table," says Weprin.

Despite the lack of hard and fast support from Queens and the equivocations from the Bronx, Norman insists that his candidate "is in very good shape."

"I think Angel is certainly well positioned. He has support from inside the delegation, and outside, notwithstanding Queens," says Norman. "I see Angel having the votes and I think within the next few weeks, closure will probably come to the matter."

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