Seasonal Brew

Super In The Sky

I like to envision the One Upstairs as being a lot like my dear, departed dad. I see the Big Ol' G-d/God/Allah/Abba/ Father/Mother/Sister Moon/Brother Sun as a good housing super, the one who serves tenants well because she/he lived in the projects. My holiday grievance? I want peace and repairs.

Wine has been a tool to loosen the super up for centuries. A good one never takes a bribe, but she/he can shake a leg at a holiday party. Wine in hand, I knocked at the super's door in as many buildings as I could get to.

My first stop was at the Conservative Synagogue of Riverdale (475 West 250th Street, at Henry Hudson Parkway East, Bronx, 718-543-8400), the childhood shul of mi amor-o-witz. At the very end of the service, bread and wine were blessed. At the kiddush (meal) afterward, small cups of wine were set out on tables. As I sat close to the cantor of Loved One's own holy tenant association, I raised the wine to my mouth and said my peace.

Next was Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (275 North 8th Street, Brooklyn, 718-384-0223). Not quite my childhood shul, but close enough to molto Italian St. Rita's. Again, near the very end of the service, bread and wine were blessed. I lolled past saints and mustachioed men on a long, long line to the cup o' wine. Once again, I drank to the end of the war, and the start of true building repair. —ALEXIS SOTTILE

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