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Meanwhile, Karen Masonis Ivana Trump—or at least the Mamma Mia! star was asked to dresslike the glamorous divorcée for her audition, as she told me last week. And while we're dealing in identity issues, I have to report that, despite a recent, ill-informed Daily News item, R. Kellyis most definitely a man!

And so is Dick Cavett, though I winced a little on seeing him talk about the Beatles on Fox News, saying they brought all the generations together, unlike music today, which is so darned fragmented. This is a cuckoo rewriting of history. Earth to Dick: The Beatles jump-started the biggest generation gap in the annals of pop culture. Kids worshiped them, but parents thought they were loud and extremely dirty. Over 35 years later, of course, everyoneadores them, but three decades from now, the old folks will probably dig Eminem.

And now for your dessert, I'll tell you that the actor who plays the very cute upperclassman in Harry Potter is fortuitously named Sean Biggerstaff. He's got it going on.


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