Sukhozhilov spoke with an Uzbek orderly working with American medics who said he had witnessed the arrival of four or five U.S. helicopters carrying wounded American soldiers every day between November 25 and December 2. Each day, the orderly said, between 10 and 15 casualties came into the base.

As of Monday, the Pentagon's official U.S. casualty toll was seven dead and 42 injured. Asked about IWPR's findings, Pentagon spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Catherine Abbott says, "I cannot comment on what your reporter may have seen or something an orderly may have told him. As we verify reports, we make the information known."

Sukhozhilov managed to get into the heavily guarded Khanabad facility amid a group of parents visiting their kids attached to an Uzbek military unit. He reports the base hospital—one floor of a building along with four large canvas tents—was full of American soldiers. The Uzbek orderly said the fighters suffered shrapnel and bullet wounds to their arms, legs, and heads.

The reporter couldn't determine how many people had died, but one Uzbek soldier told him he had helped American servicemen load 20 body bags onto American transport planes. He didn't know whether they were dead U.S. soldiers.

One Uzbek pilot said his Yankee soldier friend had died in the prison riot near Mazar-i-Sharif two weeks ago. "A lot of American troops died there—it was a real battle," the pilot said.

Abortion Foe Hypes Threat on TV Host
From the Horsley's Mouth

Anti-abortion extremist Neal Horsley painted himself as a good guy after recently alerting authorities to a visit from fellow abortion foe and FBI fugitive Clayton Waagner. Horsley taped his surprise meeting with Waagner, in which the star of the feds' Ten Most Wanted list allegedly threatened to kill 42 abortion workers. Last week, the feds collared Waagner. "I am delighted that no one was killed, neither Waagner nor those 42 people," Horsley told the Voice, "and I think that it's better that he is in jail than dead."

Then Horsley, the founder of the online Nuremberg Files hit list, turned around and renewed a death threat of his own—on John Walsh, host of TV's America's Most Wanted. Seems Walsh aired a segment on the tracking of Waagner, but failed to deal with the abortion issue to Horsley's satisfaction. For this and other sins, Walsh wears the tag of Blood Flunky in the Nuremberg Files. Walsh "presents himself as the official leader of the fight against crime in this country," Horsley says, "but he ignores the fact that 3000 babies are being butchered every day in America. He ignores it and that is criminal."

Additional reporting: Sarah Park and Meritxell Mir

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