NY Mirror

• Ex-Rated Entertainment:Three flamboyant male directors got hitched to women, while former ambis Hunter Tyloand Anne Hechealso found members of the opposite sex. Don't worry—we'll convert 'em back.

• The Year in Queer Cinema:A Beautiful Mind sliced out the bisexuality, Iris played it down, Piñerodiminished the gay stuff and cut out the AIDS, and a Shipping Newscharacter turned lesbo after being raped by her brother. And you wonder why everyone stayed home and watched Queer as Folk.

• My Top Three New Drag Names: Nan Tuckit, Robin Banks, Helena Handbasket

• Did They Catch bin Laden?:No, but they nabbed Winona Ryder.

Taliban Theme Song:(to the tune of "Candy Man") "Who can take the women/put them out of view/Really treat you bad if you're a gay or you're a Jew?/The Taliban. The Taliban can . . . "

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