Bob Kuttner’s ‘Prospect’

How Not to Run a Liberal Magazine

In an interview, Kuttner explained that Meyerson is now in charge of putting out the bi-weekly Prospect, while his own role is one of "chief kibbitzer," fundraiser, and editor of the quarterly supplements. He took umbrage at the ad hominem complaints, which he said came from a handful of former staffers.

"I'm 58 years old," Kuttner said. "A lot of what animates me is being in the role of teacher and bringing out the best in young writers. I take particular pride in treating writers well. I don't claim to walk on water, but if you shine a spotlight on any publication, you'll find instances in which the writer feels burned. I hope you'll put that in the context of the hundreds of writers and dozens of staffers who have had happy experiences here."

Kuttner declined to comment on Marshall's departure. Of Cox, all he would say is that "nobody here is ever fired frivolously or capriciously." Notwithstanding a "radical difference" of opinion, he said, "We very much regret Bob Dreyfuss's departure. I wish we'd handled that differently."

Of course, all the Kuttner bashing may soon be moot. On December 21, Mickey Kaus reported that since a recent meeting with Schumann Foundation president Bill Moyers, executive editor Meyerson has been telling staff that he, not Kuttner, now has day-to-day control over the magazine.

Meyerson declined to comment, but an insider says Meyerson "seems to have really gotten serious" about the Prospect and is "ready to throw himself into it." Time will tell if Meyerson and Kuttner make good on their New Year's resolution.

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