Why Doves Must Fly

Now That We've Lost the Anti-War, We Need the Peace Movement More Than Ever

Childlike: the media’s peace movement
photo: Michael Kamber
Childlike: the media’s peace movement

The war on terrorism has quickly folded into another, ongoing conflagration. Consider that each year poverty leads to the death of some 13 million children in the global south, while the poorest send more to the U.S. in debt servicing than they receive in U.S. aid—half of which is actually military dollars for American friends manning often corrupt and vicious regimes. Global inequality is growing so rapidly that the richest fifth of the world now receives more than 80 percent of the world's income and the poorest fifth 1.4 percent, a fivefold increase in inequality since 1970. The world's 358 billionaires comprise a net worth equal to that of the bottom 45 percent of the world's population. Not sure what to call this? The words terrorism and war come to mind.

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