Willis opened the classifieds with a sigh. He had just moved back to the city, and didn't realize how hard it was to get a job. He scanned the positions: Been there, done that. "Enough!" he proclaimed, throwing the paper down. "I'm going to become a director." And with that he picked up his Super 8 and went to register for "How to Shoot Your Own Adult Video" at the Learning Annex (Jan 25 or Mar 15). Because in the city that never sleeps, dreams really do come true.

OK—so will I owe Michael Jackson a million dollars if I use the Beatles' "Revolution" in my Nike sweatshop documentary? Is it possible to find a composer without having the soundtrack sound like the mixer on an electronic keyboard? "Music for Film and Television" explains all, exploring the history of film music and composers, how a score is created, how composers and directors interact, budgeting, recording, dubbing, copyrights, you name it. At NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies (998-7080; Feb 4-May 6. ($685.) —Ariston Anderson

• • • finance

The New School's "Introduction to Business Management" (www. is a skill-building course for people whose job responsibilities or career interests require knowledge of basic management principles. The 12-session class studies concepts of business organization, communication, decision making, planning, motivating, controlling, group dynamics, leadership, and change. Examples of common day-to-day management and supervisory problems provide realistic case studies. ($410.)

Whether you're building a career in a brick-and-mortar environment or a virtual one, the Internet is guaranteed to be a big part of your marketing, selling, sourcing, communicating, and image-building efforts. The Fashion Institute of Technology's "eLaw: Business, the Internet, and the Law" (217-7250) will provide you with the legal information you need to set up online, understand the contractual relationships involved in electronic commerce, and avoid legal pitfalls. ($225.) —Ioana Veleanu

• • • international study

The majority of consumers from Cuba to France will not accept genetically modified foods. World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms ( allows you to travel virtually anywhere to learn firsthand the art of organic growing. In exchange for your volunteer services you'll get room and board on the farm. So get out of the city—and pick up that plow.

The Center for Study Abroad ( offers affordable adult programs. For $1395 you can study at Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City. Over seven weeks this spring you'll study in Vietnam's "rice basket," as well as take a trip north to Hanoi.

SUNY ( suny/) boasts nearly 300 overseas programs. Go Moroccan at Al Akhawayan University in Ifrane with an eight-week intensive Arabic language and culture program. Weekend excursions will take you to Fez, Casablanca, Marrakech, and Rabat. Or how about Maori studies at the University of Bergen in New Zealand? Go on, take your studies to the North Island. —Ariston Anderson

• • • language

Cervantes's most famous adventurer reads all the wrong books and winds up mistaking windmills for monsters. The Cervantes Institute (661-6011;, on the other hand, prepares students to use their Spanish out in the world without sounding like fools. Classes are supplemented by lectures on Spanish culture and films.

In addition to its high-quality lectures and readings, the 92nd Street Y (415-5500; offers courses in ESL, Italian, French, Spanish, Hebrew, and Yiddish. Classes are small, and beginners' classes focus on conversation and the "flair of a foreign culture." For those who find speaking in a new tongue stressful, the atmosphere is relaxed. At $110 for nine sessions, "Beginning Yiddish" isn't exactly bupkes, but classes here are relatively inexpensive.

What does yoga have to do with French? Is it easier to sing a new language than it is to speak it? You can find out at the French Institute Alliance Française (355-6100;, which in addition to traditional classes dealing with film and business, offers "off the beaten trail" courses tailored to suit your interests.—Michael Miller

• • • music

Have you ever thought of making the album that puts you on tape for posterity? The eclectic program offered by the NYU Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions (998-5424) will teach you the musical rudiments you need to fulfill your dream. You may follow general composition studies, or specialize in "Electronic and Computer Music Composition," "Composition for Music Theater," or "Composition for Film, Multimedia and TV."

The Dicapo Opera Theatre is a nice enough place to kill an evening with some so-so classical repertoire. But gaining admission to La Scala is among life's more troublesome tasks. So you may want, before getting there, to build on your technical prowess. The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music (718-622-3300; develops heads and hearts that can understand and interpret the subtle elements of music—how it sounds, how it feels.

Coleman Hawkins, Johnny Hodges, and Sidney Bechet gave jazz its voice. If you want to follow in their footsteps and enter the zone where improvisation reigns, the best place to start is the New School's Blues Ensemble. In 12 sessions beginning Feb 4, you will learn the turnarounds, intros, endings, formats, and soloing skills necessary to play this most essential of American musical forms. Call 229-5873 to arrange an audition. (Cost: $420.) —Ioana Veleanu

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