To avoid looking like the tourists we were, I decided to borrow from two lovely ladies we watched earlier in the evening and give my friend a private lap dance; this way, I could also shed some clothes so we wouldn't look so conspicuous. I proceeded to shimmy around, teasing him with my ass, and peeling my dress off slowly. I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom, and when I came out, a group of men had descended on my trannie boy. I immediately panicked, thinking that our cover might have been blown, but instead they were merely trying to take him under their wing and show him how it's done. I feared our true identities would be discovered—spies in the house of heterosexuality.

But it was quite the opposite: We didn't even get hit on! (Well, except for the guy who told me, "You make my dick harder than Chinese arithmetic.") People were warm and welcoming. I have to hand it to them for figuring out what they like sexually, and then making it happen. They're more radical than I originally gave them credit for. After all, fucking your friend's wife is pretty kinky.

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