Pulitzer Fever

The Prize Season Is Upon Us

• You continue to wring your hands . . . about forced confessions. Welcome to the real world, Ms. Cotts.

• John Walker the treasonous bastard that he is should be hung and left hanging till he rots off of the rope.

• John Benedict Walker . . . should be hung in times square for his crime. You bleeding heart communists make my blood boil.

• If he ever returns . . . I hope it's for a public hanging from the tree you're hugging.

• Thanks for picking up for brother John Walker. Do you think he personally got the pleasure of horse-whipping any women tied to soccer goal posts. If not, at least he was over there fighting for the right to do it.

• The only point worthy of notice in your otherwise laughable article . . . is that it fails to mention that Walker's Daddy is gay. I expect the leftwing press to studiously avoid . . . that fact from now until the case is resolved.

• Let's just say that the progeny of effete, bath house-hopping, Rama-ding dongs who live in Marin County and take it upon themselves to join a gang of blood thirsty, Muslim terrorist thugs aren't entitled to the same due process rights as Americans. That's right, Ms. "I'm reporter because I know how to type," you renounce your citizenship when you take up arms for another nation. . . . In conclusion, let me just say that CNN must be doing something right if they haven't hired your stank ho' ass yet.

(Actually I was holding out for Fox.)

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