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Oscar contender Halle Berry
photo: Robin Holland
Oscar contender Halle Berry

And now, let me spin a few gossip tales, some involving genital tricks, some not: Several women from recent versions of The Real World will be baring it all in Playboy. That's too real. . . . Meanwhile, Graydon Carter is not a playboy. He was acting chummy with Gina Gershon at Da Silvano recently, but he later explained that he was comforting her over the death of a friend. . . . Covenant House is coming back from the dead and being turned into a gay boutique hotel. It sort of always was one. . . . Party-thrower extraordinaire Susanne Bartsch is also enjoying a rebirth. The Swiss Ms. will be doing monthly fests at a Times Square club, starting with a Rufus Wainwright/Zaldy event on Valentine's Day. . . . Less festively, I'm hearing rumors that Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson is having marital problems. Tell me why-eee. . . . Speaking of exes, Domicile has something called Molly's Salad on the menu. Pourquoi? "Because I used to be Molly Simms's fiancée," the owner explained to me. Apparently, she likes a facile set of walnuts. . . . Delightfully twisting the biz by the balls, acidic writer Bruce Wagner was feted at Chateau (the old Moomba) by Post scribes Chris Wilson and Jared Stern. Wagner's hopes for the Oscars? "I'd love John Nash to go onstage and have a total collapse," he told me. "Screaming like a banshee, falling on top of Brian Grazer, vomiting, and talking in tongues." No, dear, that'll be Russell Crowe.

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