Presumably, and supposedly, presidents of the United States and their aides are trying to function on behalf of the public good. Lobbyists function only on behalf of their clients. I am deeply troubled and saddened that Cheney does not see a huge difference in purpose between the confidential advice of aides and the pressuring of self-serving lobbyists.

Lois Erwin
Waldwick, New Jersey


I totally agree with Chisun Lee ["In the Crosshairs," January 29]. When the rights of one group are systematically erased, the seeds are sown for abuse of rights of other groups. The Muslim and Arab American community has been unfairly maligned and held guilty by association. Thank you for responsible journalism—holding a mirror up to the community.

Nayyer Siddiqi
Detroit, Michigan


Re Kenneth Shouler's "M.J. vs. Kobe: The Verdict" [February 12]: I hate comparison, but it is plain to see that Shouler, as we say in Bed-Stuy, "is on Jordan's dick."

I agree there can be no comparison between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Based on all the stats in this article, Jordan is a Mr. Everything. But the question should be: What kind of numbers would Jordan have put up if he had had to contend with a teammate like Shaquille O'Neal, as Bryant did? Because Shaq was around to rack up points, Bryant never had to put up big numbers like Jordan did to win games. Comparing athletes from different eras and/or teams may make a great conversation, but that's about it. The Voice sportswriters probably believe that Marciano would have beaten Ali! No, just kidding.

Antar Ali


Thanks so much to Dennis Lim for "Search and Rescue Operations," his overview of the Sundance Film Festival [February 5]. As always, Lim cuts through the bullshit that attends such events and gives readers a useful and entertaining heads-up for some of the year's coming releases.

Alec Scott
Calhoun, Louisiana

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