Found . . . and Gone

Choreographers Grapple With Loss and Dream Safe Worlds

A solo, wonderfully performed, can seem like a spiritual journey. In Portuguese Blues by Sara Pearson and Patrik Widrig, Widrig danced to Amalia Rodrigues's haunting fados, blending quickness and lush softness—a Pierrot Lunaire tumbling beneath the moon. Nina Watt gave us José Limón's 1942 Chaconne (to Bach's unaccompanied violin), drawing more subtleties and nuances from this elegant, rather prolix solo than I'd have dreamed possible.

A welcome counter to all this introspective beauty: Sara Pearson in an engaging, brave, sometimes irritatingly over-the-top performance of her Dr. Pearson's Guide to Loss and Fear. While vaulting about, she cataloged in a Russo-Yiddish accent everything she was afraid of losing, with a major digression (sans accent) into the day she lost her virginity. She almost calmed down at the end. "I'm afraid of losing you," she told us, "and you and you and you." Amen.

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