Beaned in Boston

The Hockey Season's Best Bouts

January 30 Ryan Vandenbussche (CHI) vs. Jim McKenzie (NJ)
Two of the best fighters on the NHL circuit hook up in this scuffle, tossing aside the leather and wood to settle things bare-fisted style. Big Mac gets the early edge with southpaw hammers, but Vandenbussche rings the bell himself a few times with a lethal left before the men in stripes break it up.

February 5 Rob Ray (BUF) vs. P.J. Stock (BOS)
Another Bruins game, another P.J. Stock heavyweight bout. This time the Bruin enforcer extraordinaire takes on one of the biggest punchers in the pound, Buffalo bouncer Ray. Stock eats a fair share of right-hand hors d'oeuvres, suffering a dent in his noggin that will call for exploratory surgery during the Olympic break—ouch!

February 7 Tie Domi (TOR) vs. Eric Cairns (NYI)
In the latest chapter in the David and Goliath relationship shared by this couple of cranium crushers, Domi gets the elbows up, Cairns says, "I don't think so," and an evenly matched free-for-all ensues. Domi gets both the right and left hands in on the target, but Cairns reaches the target with a bucketful of bombs of his own.

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