Eliza Rohr


As someone who has been worshiping and following Southern rock specialists the Drive-By Truckers for years, I'm ecstatic to read such a great article by Don Allred ["Gimme Three Stepsisters," February 26]—in The Village Voice no less. You couldn't know a nicer bunch of guys, and they put on a live show that will make you cry. In general, we don't see a lot of positive things about Southern culture, so it's refreshing to see an appreciation for how the Drive-By Truckers recycle and reinterpret the Southern reality through their music.

John Dial
Austin, Texas


Tom Robbins provided an important reader service by detailing the behind-closed-doors Albany deal that raided the charitable assets of the nonprofit Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and placed them in private hands ["Blue Cross Hijacked," February 19].

Now that labor, management, and politicos have cut such a deal in New York State, the precedent has been set for a similar Wall Street handshake that would privatize Social Security in return for a bump in pay. As a non-New Yorker, I marvel at workers' achievements in the nation's capital of liberalism.

John Mehring
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


I just read Coco McPherson's Mad on the Street about the public's response to Enron [February 26]. At first I thought perhaps I was reading an article from a parody newspaper (like The Onion). Were those actual people saying those inane things? Enron's collapse is an "expression of the New World Order"? The little guy "always" loses? These people need to get a grip. They, not some "elite few," are responsible for their own lives and running the world. Almost makes me feel better about living in Boulder.

Scott Gibbons
Boulder, Colorado

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