Punks in the Hall

The Ramones and Talking Heads Battle Their Way From CBGB to Cleveland

The Ramones' bickering and the Heads' cynicism only underscore the greatest irony of Monday night: The guy who would have been most pleased to be inducted can't be there. "Joey really appreciated the history of rock and roll," says his mother. "He knew he was being nominated, and he was really excited about it."

Left to right: Johnny, Marky, Joey and Dee Dee
photo: Sire/Warner Bros. Records
Left to right: Johnny, Marky, Joey and Dee Dee

Joey also spoke about the Hall with Rey. "Joey always felt that rock and roll was a valid art form and should be recognized," says Rey. "He would say"—and here, Rey squints a bit and takes on the famous Queens-cum-British-cum-teenage-lobotomy accent—" 'Yeh, it would be cool if we got inducted the first year. Yeh, that would be reeeally cool.' "

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