Please send Atkinson to one of the Westernized suburbs of New Delhi so that he may realize that there is more to India than the teeming poverty he saw in City of Joy or the exotic elephants he witnessed in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. And until he can make the trip, only send him to review the American and European movies that he is qualified to understand.

Brenden Varma

Michael Atkinson replies: I was never under the impression that Nair's film was not semi-representative of some wedge of Indian society, just that it steered clear of those (overwhelming) aspects of Indian life and movies that might put off middle-class American filmgoers. She doesn't have to lie to be a goldbricker. I may never have been to India, but I've never seen City of Joy either.


In Shana Liebman's article about author Linda Yablonsky in the Spring Arts Guide ("Steal This Book!" March 12), it was erroneously reported that Yablonsky is an art critic for The New York Times. Yablonsky does occasional features for the Sunday Times Arts & Leisure section, and reviews art for Time Out New York and Art News.

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