What Is It Anyway?

Travel Diaries Through Disaster, Prayer, and Pure Dancing

Hard knock life: Yoshiko Chuma and friends at La MaMa
photo: Pete Kuhns
Hard knock life: Yoshiko Chuma and friends at La MaMa

A New York premiere, Velcro Road, has a similar feeling of space, of figures going about interesting and demanding errands. This time, the evocative music is by New York composer Nathaniel Drake, and the back wall is visited by shadows and video—a collaboration between EYEALA (Cristina Ottolini), Marisela La Grave, and Sandy Chase that subtly alters real urban vistas so you only half know what you are seeing. The dancers assemble gradually: first Cara Regan, alone and quiet, then Andrea Weber entering with a jumping phrase, then Jon Guymon, Kerry Stichweh, and Bauer. As in some Cunningham dances, they come and go, move separately and together, less by intent than by instinct—the way birds feeding alone will suddenly flock and fly up at a change in the wind. Their forays are rich and full of variety—from wild allegro to serenity in the blink of an eye.

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