Seeing Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War will inform one a bit about how the German and British secret services, along with the CIA and U.S. mercenary organizations, operate in foreign countries.

Ms. Winter: Almost anywhere in Europe other than Albania, Britain, Croatia, or Bosnia, you'll find different attitudes about U.S. foreign policy. Try Macedonia, for example, where the U.S./NATO/Al Qaeda-backed KLA/ NLA is warring with the U.S./NATO-backed Macedonian government. Or try reading something other than The New York Times or Time magazine or getting your news from other sources than the BBC.

Rados Piletic

Jessica Winter replies: The examples of IMF and German engagement in Yugoslavia Piletic cites predate the wars of secession and therefore predate any international reaction to them. The film's "prominent foreign-policy personalities" are certainly well-represented in the U.S. corporate media. Piletic's other comments relate only tangentially to my piece or to the film itself, which trivializes the suffering of Bosnian Muslims and Kosovar Albanians.

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