Regarding the statement by Marky about someone playing behind a curtain: I could always hear the solos when they played live, but I thought that was in my head ('cos I knew the records off by heart). And as for Johnny's assertion that CJ was more important than Marky, I say, "Get real." Marky was the most solid drummer—his arms didn't move, his wrists were a blur, he never broke into a sweat. He was coolness personified.

Must mention Joey—his album is better than the final Ramones album. But that doesn't say much—and [longtime producer] Daniel Rey obviously played most guitar on a number of Ramones albums, by the sound of this CD. But Joey's version of "Wonderful World" is an instant Ramones classic. I was in Chile when he died last April. He is loved there as much as he is here.

It's good to know that the U.S. is catching up with third world countries when it comes to recognising their own rock bands' success and cultural impact.

Simon Whittle, Culture Editor
Scottish Socialist Voice
Glasgow, Scotland


Re Jerry Saltz's article on the 2002 Whitney Biennial ["American Bland Stand," March 19]: Here in California the sun is again shining. We are so grateful to New York City for hiring Larry Rinder to curate the "lousy," "tepid," and "irresponsible" show at the Whitney. Californians ignored his pandering productions, refusing to view his systemic bad taste and wishy-washy careerism. Far from "declar[ing] war on the Whitney" because only three Los Angeles artists are represented, we can't wait to get to the top floor of the show, breathe a sigh of relief, laugh, and shout, "Please keep these bland Bay Area artists, too!"

LG Williams
Berkeley, California


The cover photograph of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X in last week's issue was incorrectly credited. It should have been credited to Bettmann/Corbis.


In Cynthia Cotts's Press Clips column last week ("Everyone's a Critic"), restaurant reviewer Jonathan Gold was identified as a contributor to L.A. Weekly, which is owned by Village Voice Media. Gold, although listed on the masthead as a contributor, writes a regular food column for the paper called Counter Intelligence.

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