A class specially designed for city dwellers who long to do some container gardening but do not know where to start, "Urban Container Gardening: A Beginner's Workshop" (718-817-8747; will teach you all about draining, soils, watering etc. Enjoy two beautiful days, on June 19 and 26, at the New York Botanical Garden. —Camila Gamboa

• • • photography

For all you overzealous nature nuts, the 92nd Street Y (415-5500; has a class for you. Susan Kleckner's "Spring Sensations: Photographing the Landscape" is a two-session course (April 21 and May 5) that spends the first class on detailed instruction. After going out and snapping to your heart's content, you'll return for a second session to review your work over lunch outdoors. Cost: $145.

If you're more of a city mouse, author and photographer Toby Old offers "Night Life in the City" (April 19-June 28) at the International Center of Photography (; 857-0001). Focusing on the aesthetics of New York after hours, students will examine various photographic approaches specific to this environment. Exciting study locations include Webster Hall, a tattoo convention, and Coney Island. Portfolio review is a prerequisite, so bring a body of work—or take "Photo I." Cost: $530 nonmembers, $515 members. —Celeste Doaks

• • • spirituality

What does finding your third eye have to do with bliss and tranquility? Plenty. Discover your various levels of consciousness at the Himalayan Institute New York (243-5995; Drop-in meditation classes are $20, offering step-by-step instruction for beginners.

What's up with that guy with the long ponytail who spends his weekends in the woods and plays Tibetan chants in his cubicle ever since finding that book on Zen? Find out for yourself at the Vikramasila Foundation (, Palden Sakya Centers. Lojong classes meet Mondays from 7:30 until 9 p.m., teaching Buddhist principles, views, and meditation. The essence of the enlightened path is love and compassion—and Lojong will get you on the path! Cost: $13.

If you're sick of urban-style yoga with car horns and sirens in the background, pick up your mat and head for Jamaica, Queens. The Chakra Shri Center (718-883-7770; offers classes by a student of B.K.S. Iyengar (said to be the most famous yoga teacher alive). Also available: the beautiful Indian dance known as bharatnatyam.

Between corporate drug handouts, HMO fiascos, and mystery prescriptions, holistic medicine is becoming more and more attractive. Consider making a career out of it. The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (800-729-3468, offers master's degrees in acupuncture and oriental medicine.

• • • sports

Capoeira is a martial art created by African slaves in Brazil, who, forbidden to learn self-defense, cleverly disguised their training as a playful dance. Now people everywhere are picking up on the graceful art form, keeping in shape while improving their alertness and speed. Classes offered Thursdays at Brooklyn's Capoeira Angola Palmares Academy NYC ( First class: $10.

You're on the downtown 6 train, pressed up against the creep who was eyeing you on the platform, wedged between two people who are shouting through you in what they appear to believe is conversation. The train stops abruptly, and the fuzzy voice seems to announce a 10-minute delay. While you're huffing and puffing, just think about what a difference tai chi can make. You'll cradle the tiger into well-being, far away from the crowds. The Center for Holistic Arts ( offers tai chi kung, from May 7 to June 25.

So you're street smart, but are you street tough? If you're wavering on that question, you might want to consider some basic self-defense. New York Martial Arts (598-1100; can show you how to defend yourself. Or try kickboxing, tae kwon do, or hapkido. —Ariston-Lizabeth Anderson

• • • visual arts

Computers are for wusses. Hand-print your own zine, in real do-it-yourself fashion. Help revive the lost art of typography, pulp your own paper, and crank out wholesome imagery. You can do it all at the Center for Book Arts (, which offers hundreds of classes in bindery, printmaking, and papermaking. Try making your own business cards with "Typesetting and the Platen Press: Small Projects," or go for "Beginning Multiple Color Linoleum Printing." You can learn jigsaw registration, and trade prints with other students at the end.

If you find yourself nightly in front of the television with no motion outside of a sleight of thumb to the remote, than perhaps it's time you stopped being a statute, and started making one. The New School University ( offers an assortment of sculpture classes for all your creation needs. Watching the sparks fly as you crank up the oxygen, smelling that burning copper, you'll never again need to resort to virtual living.

Monotype is one of the most spontaneous art forms—you never know what you're going to get. Create plates with anything from paint to seeds to glue and send them through the press at the Lower East Side Printshop (673-5390; / Voilà! Classes are from May 21 to June 25. Cost: $240. —Ariston-Lizabeth Anderson

• • • writing

The frustrated director of the NYU creative writing department began the Writer's Studio (255-7075;, which features intimate evening workshops, of eight to 10 weeks, in a downtown public school. Weekly assignments and discussions aim to explore and imitate a variety of writing styles, and encourage budding and professional scribes to experiment with their own.

Mediabistro ( courses/), formerly just a job-posting board for media professionals, has evolved into an education and information center that hosts classes in editing, comedy writing, and marketability. In addition to the ongoing "Boot Camp for Journalists," they offer weekly courses and weekend seminars. —Shana Liebman

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