Danny and Junior—friends 4ever??? New York's biggest celebrity DJs are kissing and making up. Maybe they aren't best friends, but it looks like the longest running feud in New York club history is over. Danny Tenaglia and Junior Vasquez seem to have gotten past their differences—or, at least, that's what a recent posting by DT himself on seems to indicate. (Does anyone even remember what those differences were? "You stepped on my foot!" "No, you stepped on my foot!" "You took my Chelsea Fag Muscle Boy crowd!" "No, it was my Chelsea Fag Muscle Boy crowd first!!")

Anyways, Danny writes: "I am happy to say that I was very welcomed by my peer Junior Vasquez at Exit this past Sunday 'Easter morning.' I am writing this for those of you who wanted it to be confirmed. Well here it is, plain and simple. Junior & I knew each other since we met at The Better Days on 49th St. back in 1981, and yes there were many changes in all of our lives, but nothing ever stopped us from having respect for each other's career, talent & success. I was happy to hug the man and I hope you are all happy that we are both happy for each other."

Aw, ain't it sweet? Wonder if they'll (French) kiss and make up? And wonder if we'll soon see a double bill with the both of them? Wonder also if there's a venue big enough to host all the fans that would no doubt fill the place? (The new Shelter? Limelight? Both floors of Centro-fly? The moon?)

Up Against the Wall: Sasha (pictured with Digweed) Has a New Full-Length Due
photo courtesy of Formula PR
Up Against the Wall: Sasha (pictured with Digweed) Has a New Full-Length Due

More music news: Uber-trance superstar Sasha has finally finished a full-length solo album, and what's more, it's supposed to be really good (i.e., not like anything he spins). But I heard that his audience consisted of two publicists, and you know what they say about publicists. Still, I got wind from other sources that the album is supreme—with comparisons to Underworld being the most prominent. The record is due out in September on Kinetic. All those snotty critics who were above Sasha and Digweed (yes, me too) might have to eat their words in the fall.

Celebrity Hunting, Lesson #45: If a party advertises the presence of celebrities, you won't see any. We braved the scariest crowd I have ever witnessed at Eugene for the FHM magazine party for the Hilton sisters, Paris and Nicky. Of course, the socialites were nowhere to be found and were probably hidden away in some secret V.I.P. room. We miraculously made our way through the crowd of guidos, fratboys, OZ's hot actor Dean Winters, old drunk rich men offering to buy us drinks, and girls with more silicone in their tits than Amanda Lepore, Sophia Lamar, and Joycelyn Wildenstein combined. We practically ran screaming to APT, where Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani were playing to a room of mating, dry-humping preppy couples and an assortment of music nerds, including one Richie Hawtin, who was getting jiggy with it, bumping and grinding and drinking bottles of bubbly! Hawtin on his new hometown: "No complaints yet!" Who says minimal techno producers can't behave like rock stars, too?!

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