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It must be weird to go from Sesame Street segments to the cover of Vanity Fair as one of her generation's "It Girls." "It's weird," said Dawson. "I did Kids and now I have a doll from Josie and the Pussycats." Dah-Len, who took those amazing photos of her for Trace a couple years back, just did the ones of her in the new issue of Complex. They're sick, but I was more interested in her mom, Isabel Celeste Dawson, whose nude photo—rolls, stretch marks, and all—appear just a few pages before her daughter's in Marc Baptiste's book Beautiful. Most middle-aged moms I know are just getting used to being sexual creatures, but not Dawson Senior, who is quoted as proudly saying, "I'm not ashamed of my body because I've earned every mark it bears." "She actually just lost 60 pounds after that shoot," reported Dawson without flinching. "She's shaved her head into a mohawk, and she sings."

Close by, X-Woman Famke Jannsen was hanging around, looking pretty great in basic black, as well as . . . Ashley Hamilton? Remember him? The son of the ever crisply tanned George Hamilton was briefly married to terminal problem actress Shannon Doherty before divorcing and going back to a life of idle partying. He was arguing with somebody on a cell phone as his posse of bored friends watched.

Dude, Andrew W.K. never did show up, although there was a white limo parked outside as I was leaving. The driver, a man with scraggly, fried wisps of bleach-blond hair, kept ticking his head as he asked for tips on parties. I kept trying to suggest ideas, anxious to see the mystery passenger hiding out in back. My friend got frightened by the man's constant head-batting, and so I found myself rolling out. Some scoops are better left unturned.

Chelsea Girl: Rosario Dawson's West Side Story
Squire Fox and Stephanie Pequinot
Chelsea Girl: Rosario Dawson's West Side Story

Meanwhile, I need to leave you with a fun little tidbit. What coked-out Council of Fashion Designers of America award nominee shouted, "I've fucking had it with you! I've fucking had it!" to a rival designer at a club recently? Think about it, kids—it's not hard!

Fly Life by Tricia Romano

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