Hannah Fons ,

If you must stoop to XXX movie reviews (and won't you catch well-deserved hell from your more p.c. readers), at least acquaint your critic with the felicities of simple declarative sentences. No criticism could possibly be lamer than a porno review that is, well, impenetrable. A more diverse critical view would also help. Gay-boy pornos, dyke pornos, bi-porn . . . it's a great big filthy world out there!

F.M. Biddle,
Plainfield, New Jersey

Loved the new column on porno by Johnny Maldoro. But what about films with an all-male cast? If you're going to review dirty movies, give us some variety!

Michael Donovan,
Chicago, Illinois

Editor's Note: Waldo Lydecker's You've Got Male, which will review adult gay videos and DVD releases, will appear every fourth week in lieu of Johnny Maldoro's Dirty Pornos column.


So typical of the Voice to just buy the New York City electroclash scene's blatant self-promotion and not dig any deeper ["Trans-Decade Express," Tricia Romano, April 9]. Most of the artists who've made a name for themselves in electro-pop over the past few years aren't even American; they're European. And most of the folks doing proper electro—rather than the electro-pop Larry Tee fetishizes—are from Detroit or Germany. How about giving Drexciya, Ectomorph, Dopplereffekt, and the Ersatz Audio crew a little more of the respect they deserve? "Everyone's looking to New York for the first time in a long time" my ass.

Brian Dillard ,
San Francisco, California


Voice jazz critic Gary Giddins's book Bing Crosby: A Pocketful of Dreams—The Early Years, 1903-1940 has won the 2001 Theater Library Association Award for excellence in writing on film and broadcasting. The book previously won the Ralph J. Gleason Music Award.

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