Red Badges of Courage

Shopping in the Spirit of May Day

Arms and the man: a Che Guevara temporary tattoo
photo: Amy Pierce
Arms and the man: a Che Guevara temporary tattoo

A bottle of Waleda body and massage oil ($11.50) might be just the thing to enhance your first night in a heart-shaped "love bed" from, a Web site with items no environmentally conscious sex machine can afford to do without. The bed, a festival of cheesiness that brings to mind those old TV ads for beautiful Mt. Airy Lodge, has a 100 percent natural latex heart mattress with what the maker describes as "organic cotton and pure grow wool quilted to the undyed cotton damask fabric." Price-wise, this setup is not for the lily-livered eco-activist: The bed itself is $5495 (on sale from $7900), the heart-shaped pure grow wool mattress pad is $1495, and custom organic fitted sheets are $695. But oh, what fun Emma Goldman, who once said, "If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution," and her beloved, Alexander Berkman, the guy who took a shot at steel baron Henry Clay Frick, would have had rolling around in it.

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