Double-Standard Deity

9-11 God Demands Special Treatment on Records and Residence

The budget differences between the two wings of City Hall are wide, but the dimensions of the crisis may bridge them. Their wildly different views on Rudy's arrogance may prove tougher to resolve.

It isn't just Giuliani's records that are still getting the double-standard treatment he demands. The Daily News and the Post have curiously cited "security concerns" as the reason for not printing the name of the midtown hotel that Giuliani has been living in for months. Yet both papers, apparently less concerned about the security needs of the real mayor, have freely disclosed the address on East 79th Street where Michael Bloomberg lives, while the New York Observer even did a piece on his hideaway in Bermuda. With Newsday estimating that a million in city funds is still being spent each year to guard the Giuliani family, his suite in the 55-story tower at the New York Palace Hotel, located at 455 Madison Avenue, has been a state secret until now.

The lobby at the Palace, where Sir Rudy Giuliani lives, still engulfed by more NYPD bodyguards than Bloomberg
photo: Cary Conover
The lobby at the Palace, where Sir Rudy Giuliani lives, still engulfed by more NYPD bodyguards than Bloomberg

Ironically, the Palace is owned by either the sultan or prince of Brunei, the oil sheikdom where a bitter legal battle is raging between the two brothers. Prince Jefri, who is said to have diverted billions from one of the world's richest families, claims that the sultan is now a captive of fundamentalist Muslims who want him to dump their American holdings. While Giuliani has so little in common with that viewpoint he returned a $10 million check for 9-11 victims from a sheik who made the mistake of criticizing U.S. Mideast policies, he does share one Brunei practice: He and the sultan both married their own cousins. The prince has four wives and Giuliani will soon have his third.

Giuliani's divorce lawyer has stated that his suite has enough room for separate bedrooms for Andrew and Caroline, putting it potentially in the $10,000-a-night range, according to price lists the Voice obtained from the hotel. The ever-Sunny Mindel, who still answers questions for Giuliani in his private life, declined to discuss it.

Research assistance: Annachiara Danieli, Jen DiMascio, Jesse Goldstein, Peter G.H. Madsen, Jess Wisloski, Lauren Johnston

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