Who's an Anti-Semite?

Hating Not Just Israel, but Jews

On ABC-TV's Nightline (April 18) Elie Wiesel said: "You can be critical of Israel's policies and not be an anti-Semite." But, he added, through the centuries, people have hated Jews as Jews.

Others are not anti-Semites, but in speaking of the Israeli devastation in the Jenin refugee camp, they somehow do not mention that 23 suicide bombers came from Jenin, where Hamas and Islamic Jihad were hiding, and where houses, alleys, cupboards, even handbags were booby-trapped; where snipers were ready, and some Palestinian youngsters had bomb belts at their sides.

David Gelertner (in the April 25 Weekly Standard) tells of Anna Freud, desperately trying to get the Gestapo in Austria to let her family escape, and finally saying to her father: "Wouldn't it be better if we killed ourselves?" Said Sigmund Freud: "Why? Because they would like us to?" My mother would have said the same thing.

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