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Good news for her: DuVall's not a brooding outsider in everyday life too. "I was 19 when I made The Faculty, and I definitely had some teen angst in me," she admitted, "but now I feel very far from that. I do worry all the time, but I think I'm more comfortable now and not so unhappy with myself. It's a hard business, especially for a young girl. You get all kinds of weird body-image problems and social problems that I'd never experienced before. No one ever told me to lose weight until I started acting, and that doesn't ever feel good!"

The irony of her having to pretty up in order to play weirdo outcasts isn't lost on Clea at all. "You've got to be a skinny oddball," she said, wincing. "You've got to be a beautiful ugly girl." I only see the beauty—in fact, to me she looks spookily like a female Josh Hartnett. "I get that all the time," Clea said, lightening up. "I told Josh I wanted to have his baby so we could make little clones—the attack of the clones." Pint-sized beautiful oddballs—sounds good to me.

But let's head back—as everything must—to the Spider-Man generation, which is learning the importance of being more wild than earnest on the club scene. Kurfew, the weekly gay youth bash, has gone through so many changes it's well past puberty by now. The funsy event is almost grown up and happening on Fridays at Twirl, which seems the perfect backdrop for all the boppy energy and last-chance innocence. Walls of videos add a trippy touch as the gayettes dance to sped-up remixes of pop hits, though the organizers are striving for a teensy bit more maturity these days. As promoter Jeff Brenner told me, "I've heard 21-year-olds say, 'I'm too old for Kurfew now,' but that's crazy. We want 18 to 30." Unfortunately, that edges me out just by a hair. Shut up.

"I'm starting to think maybe it's me that's a little odd": actress Clea DuVall, star of Thirteen Conversations About One Thing.
photo: Richard Mitchell
"I'm starting to think maybe it's me that's a little odd": actress Clea DuVall, star of Thirteen Conversations About One Thing.

As for fully grown folks, Sexy Wednesdays at Eugene are thrown by about a dozen drag queens who nab a mix of club survivors, space aliens, straight couples, an asshole who drags you over to meet his friend from Rhode Island, and a casting director handing out flyers for a club-kid open call. I liked it, but then again I think Julia Roberts is imitating Sandra Bullock.

But I'm a little over Magnum at the Park. Everyone there is always saying, "The sex is in the next room," but then when you get there, it's moved on to the room after that. Or maybe it's when I get there.


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