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One last circuit, and I found the Urinetowncreators, who told me their next show takes place underwater. Are they sure it's water? "Yes," they said, decidedly.

And now my nominations for the pissiest gossip of the week: The New York Postran a line about The Producers' co-star Steven Weberthat could have been penned by the lead character in The Believer. After describing Weber as "lean, tall, and blue-eyed," they wrote, "He looks like your basic WASP pretty boy, but he's really a Jewish kid from Queens." Oy!

"She’s a nice old gal!": Vanessa Williams on the spot at the Tony nominees' brunch.
photo: Christopher Smith
"She’s a nice old gal!": Vanessa Williams on the spot at the Tony nominees' brunch.

Your basic pretty women filled a party for Grace, a new magazine for larger gals, where Carré Otislooked so skinny that if she stood sideways, she'd turn into Jennifer Connelly's scarf. No way is she plus-sized. "In thisindustry, I am," Miss Otis regretted. "It's insane!" . . . The drink tickets are plus-sized at Spa—they're positively gigantic—and I hear it's because the bartenders have to hold them up and wave them to the spotters who make sure there's a good reason they're not ringing up the register.

But put down that free cocktail right now, why don't you? Susanne Bartschis no longer doing Wednesdays at BK's, having had unspecified problems with the club. She'll relocate the bash and will also do monthly events at the reopened Copacabana in the fall. . . . More unspecified problems: Public access cable host Barry Zkept trying to interview Laurie Andersonat a Women in Music, Inc. luncheon last week, and he even had a publicist intervene, only to have Laurie's significant other, Lou Reed, snarl "No!" "But Laurie and I have the same audience," counters Barry.

My cultural peer, the legendary Kitty Carlisle Hart, was recently chosen to be randomly searched on an airport check-in, according to a clerk. "But I'm old and a star," cracked Hart, who submitted to the frisking anyway. . . . I'm hiding one more tidbit in my luggage: I hear Fashion Wire Daily is canceling the free subscription of at least one person who trashed them in a tart WWD article. Now I'm trashing them too; I didn't know there were free subscriptions.


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