The Bad Ol' Daze

This Hockey Season's Top Playoff Pugilists

April 25 Jeff Norton (BOS) vs. Chad Kilger (MON)

This pair of pugilists come away from the pile that resulted from Zednik's demise, and they join the club of punch-happy hooligans with a bare-knuckled soiree of their own. Kilger gets Norton's jersey up and over, and that's about all she wrote in this one.

April 28 Maple Leafs vs. Islanders

How about a double dip of fistic franticness? Mere minutes remain in Game Six when the stuff hits the fan. The Isles' Shawn Bates decks Leaf winger Shayne Corson, and Tucker comes to aid his fallen teammate. As Tucker and Bates drop and get down, Corson finds a willing combatant in Islander defenseman Eric Cairns, and the heavyweights take center stage. Cairns has the size and reach advantage and uses them well, ringing Corson's bell with big right hands a half-dozen times, finally sending the belligerent Leaf down to his backside, much to the crowd's delight.

April 28 Tie Domi (TOR) vs. Jim Cummins (NYI)

The crowd continues to buzz as these two titans line up beside each other for the game's last face-off. They shoot a quick glance before ejecting the mittens and throwing the haymakers. A top-notch, rock 'em, sock 'em affair ends with Domi winning a split decision and Cummins looking for the Band-Aids.

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