Time, Worn

The Lure of Vintage Clothes

But sometimes a label hits closer to home. A narrow, expensive-looking dress tagged $45, made of a fabric in a gray and black op art pattern, lacks a specific designer name but has a label from B. Altman & Co., a lovable old dowager of a department store at Fifth Avenue and 34th Street that went out of business in 1989. (The building, now part of CUNY, still has its original art nouveau canopies.) But it's a $15 pair of bright orange patent leather sandals that might just bring a tear to the eye of the sentimental shopper: According to their insteps, they hail from a place once as familiar as coloring books and cotton candy: the vanished world of F.W. Woolworth.

Full vintage immersion is possible June 7 and 8, when the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show takes place at 110 West 19th Street. Call 518-434-4312 for further information.

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