While other dictionaries have repeatedly jettisoned useful, though uncommon, words and replaced them with useless vulgarities, the OED had remained, along with a few older dictionaries, a fundamental resource for those who do not long to speak the language of the slum. For this reason, it is disappointing to hear that the OED is apparently turning against its own purpose of documenting words of some endurance and the origin of those words, and has turned with the rest to documenting every faddish term.

It is not only that some of the new additions are vulgar, but that they were in usefulness nearly dead from the womb. Most of those cited by Mr. Ames I have neither used in print, nor heard in conversation. They may have some use for a metafictional novelist who wants a certain eclectic color to make his writing bizarre, but the rest of us will never need the spelling or the definition of "mindf**k."

John Wright


Johnny Maldoro's May 7 Dirty Pornos column titled "Gorn With the Wind" was truly disgusting. Is it supposed to be progressive to fantasize about porn in which a woman is "screaming, crying, and begging; he, slapping and spitting on her face, ripping open her shirt, and putting what appears to be a dry finger into her ass" and in which "the attacker drags his victim by her neck up the grand staircase and into her parents' bedroom"?

Why is it that violent and degrading images of women are considered sexy? Could it be the result of misogynistic attitudes in society, which even supposedly progressive newspapers like the Voice apparently condone?

But to do otherwise would be censorship, you say? Well, how about a review of videos in which men get kicked in the testicles repeatedly? How about porn videos featuring men being choked and otherwise brutalized? What, it might actually be considered offensive?

Deva Falfrutto


The Voice Choices cover in the May 14 issue was erroneously credited. It should have been credited to Photofest.

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