Wet and Wild

From time to time the piece comes to a deliberate standstill, as Muz poses like the White Rock girl. One of the guys tosses pennies at her. The other one stalks down the pool like a flamingo, a big seabird papered with wet cash. The sound ranges from industrial to nautical; we hear a foghorn in the distance, we watch the little boat. The performers play with knotted sheets, have an assignation to the strains of "Me and Mrs. Jones," and perform a unison trio that melds office and navigational gestures.

Jennifer Lau and friends in Eva Silverstein's Skin-to-Skin
photo: Pete Kuhns
Jennifer Lau and friends in Eva Silverstein's Skin-to-Skin


Silver-Brown Dance
University Settlement
184 Eldridge Street
Through June 2

American Ballet Theatre
Metropolitan Opera House
Lincoln Center
Through July 6

The Thing
129 West 42nd Street
Through June 2

By turns pastoral and tacky, evoking gay fantasies of Fleet Week and Celtic dreams of leprechauns, The Thing tries to imply something about a journey across the River Styx, but then segues into a Busby Berkeley routine with small, obscenely positioned hoses spurting water. It's a lot of fun. It left me wanting more—not a longer work, but a deeper one.

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