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'Time' Mag Closes Mexico City Bureau

So does Time determine the news value of a region by the amount of revenue it generates? Russell called that an "unfair" characterization and deemed the mag's decreased editorial presence in Latin America "not as dramatic as it seems." In addition to Padgett in Miami and stringers, he said, "we have Spanish-speaking people on staff who can get down there fast." He predicted that there will be "no attitudinal difference" in Time's coverage of Colombia, though they may not cover "the 400th day of the Argentinean economic crisis."

Katel declined to comment. "Events of great drama and significance are unfolding in Latin America as we speak" was all he had to say. "Beyond that, commentary on the closing of Time's Latin America bureau is superfluous."


In the March 5 and May 21 issues, this column mistakenly identified John Fund as the former editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal. Until January 2002, Fund was a member of the editorial board and a writer for the page. The Journal's current editorial page editor is Paul Gigot; his predecessor, Robert Bartley, held the position for 30 years.

Last week's column suggested that The New York Times has failed to report on the efficacy of government-sponsored anti-drug ads or to question the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. In fact, a related story ran on page C7 of the business section on April 2.

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