Fair-Weather Friends

Best Bets for Boozing in the Breeze

The giant pig outside says it all—hell, you half expect to see John Candy laughing it up at the bar. Yes, Rudy's got charm in spades. Sure it kinda smells, but with free hot dogs and $6.75 pitchers of MGD, who cares? And since it's hot, have a puff in the even divier courtyard out back, with its crammed handful of seats, wildly uneven pavement, and odd booth with no table. This place is an institution, and they've got the tourist tees and the occasional beautiful barfly to prove it. 627 Ninth Avenue, 974-9169. (Spartos)

Ahhh, the joys of summer: Lynyrd Skynyrd cranked up to 10; a cool breeze off the East River; the hot sun beaming down on your bulbous, red, alcoholic nose; and cheap, ice-cold bottles of beer (Heineken, $3.50) to steady the shakes from last night's boozefest. Bar Between the Bridges is the perfect place to satisfy your simple needs, and face it: It's the closest you're going to come to a weekend getaway this season (the Hamptons are for assholes anyway!). From the plastic, sidewalk tables outside this shanty-esque watering hole, you'll feel closer to Clooney's Perfect Storm hangout than anywhere in the Big Apple, while the views of the towering Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and hum of the BQE overhead provide the comfort of knowing that you could be snoring away and sweating out all the toxins between your sheets in no time. 63 York Street, at Adams Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn 718-237-1977. (Switzer)

A jitney ride away from the Hamptons sits Glass, an ultra-mod lounge that gives new meaning to the phrase "outdoor seating"—the unisex bathroom faces the street, giving peepers the chance to ogle pretty young things retouching their pink lip gloss through the tinted one-way mirrors. Inside, the white and slate walls lead to a crowded outside area, where wannabe resorters sip yummy caipirinhas—Rio's libation of choice—which arrive with cachaça, sugar, and lime, as well as chunks of watermelon, grape, or other forbidden fruits ($10). The shapely chairs, pink lights, and sultry breeze invite a second and third drink. Talk about going Brazilian for the summer. 287 Tenth Avenue, 904-1580. (Bastidas)

Looking for hip, hep, cool, and breezy, attitude and temperature-wise? Find summer solace in the Village at French bistro and bar Pierrot, home of the largest outdoor patio in the Village—and possibly in Manhattan. The sprawling garden (which opens up right off the street from Avenue B), surrounded by tall brick walls on three sides, is sprinkled with tall votive candles and sparse yet elegant shrubbery; all in line with the restaurant's carnival-cabaret decor. The patio has a huge wooden deck and a cozy lounge area that seats around 40 and weekend DJs starting from around 9:30 p.m. till late at night. Find Nirvana, not the band, the drink—in their champagne, Midori, and pineapple juice cocktail ($7); go au naturel with the Holly Golightly (peach vodka, cranberry and mango juice $8) and get your summertime drink on—and get there early before the neighborhood stalwarts steal your seat. 28 Avenue B, 673-1999. (Bosler)

It's cute now, but come summertime, when high pressure and warm winds muzzle together to create that special brand of New York humidity, you'll be begging for respite from the otherwise sweet city climate. Enter the penthouse of the Park. The lushly funky interior opens up to a breezy outdoor living room with a rock garden and a hot tub to dip your feet in (and most fabulous of all, changing rooms for those who want to go there). Young media types brush up against the odd celebs who stop by to lounge. It helps that the drinks—slipped through a cut-out window inside—start at $6. 118 Tenth Avenue, 352-3313. (Germosén)

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