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Exit 116, Garden State Parkway, Holmdel, NJ 732-335-0400
June 1 Manheim Streamroller
June 8 Alanis Morissette: Alanis's new album may be weak, but it's comforting to know that there are still loud, bitchy women out there on the pop charts who write their own songs. Plus, you gotta hand it to her for refusing to rhyme, like, ever. Expect a lot of hair-tossing, hand-flapping, and all-girl sing-alongs with the big hits. And will somebody please stop by the souvenir stand and pick up one of those wool hats that say "So Unsexy" for me? Please? (Phillips)
June 20 Trey Anastasio
June 21 Jewel
June 22 Melissa Etheridge
June 28 Simple Minds+INXS
June 29 "Usher Evolution 8701 Tour"
June 30 Deep Purple+Scorpions+Dio
July 2 Linda Ronstadt
July 9 Marc Anthony
July 10 Chris Isaak+Natalie Merchant
July 11 Rush
July 12 Phil Lesh & Friends
July 13 Chicago
July 14 Poison+Cinderella +Winger+Faster Pussycat
July 16 Alicia Keys: Too bad her lovely hits have turned to inescapable torture. Keys should be back in the studio, rather than milking her album dry, but such are the demands of the hype machine in which she already seems stuck. If you can bear to witness her falling in and out of love one more time, here's your opportunity. (Walters)
July 17 Lenny Kravitz+Pink: Although Kravitz is finally beginning to make rock 'n' soul with half a suggestion of contemporary, personal identity, the real news here is the supporting act. Pink is the rare 2002 multi-platinum face to disobey the demands of formula pop, and the force of her self-questioning rebelliousness is a joy to behold. What will she do next? (Walters)
July 19-20 "Ozzfest 2002": Even though he's safe as TV, is harmless as a dove, has partied with the Bushes—and is probably just as wealthy?—the old beloved fatty still has enough Mephistophelian fire to thoroughly rock you! (And Sharon? Enough marketing savvy to pack the house.) Highlights: System of a Down, who take the plummeting grooves of nu-metal and weld it to Tool-like art-pop; Rob Zombie doing his monster mosh (sadly, sans the usual theatrics); Zakk doing double duty with his underrated Black Label Society and closing the show with Papa Ozz; Andrew WK giving bombastic tutorials on chicks and partying; and alloy supergroup Down. (Bosler)
July 21 John Mellencamp
July 25 Blondie+the B-52s
July 28 Brooks & Dunn+Dwight Yoakam+Gary Allen+Chris Cagle+Trick Pony: Shitkicker show of the summer, at least for poor deprived New Yorkers. Thank God for Jersey, and don't let your lack of a trailer scare you away: Thanks to Mark Wright (as innovative a producer as the Neptunes), Brooks & Dunn and Gary Allen made two of the 20 best 2001 albums in any genre. Even city slickers know Dwight, who's got enough hokum-free hits for an afternoon even if you're not inclined to be hypnotized by his butt. And Chris Cagle and Trick Pony-not-Daddy have moments. (Eddy)
July 31 "Area: Two": Does today's music festival audience care about David Bowie? Organizer Moby is gambling that they will. Busta Rhymes and Blue Man Group can certainly hold a stage, while the timely Doves and not-so-timely Ash supply Angloid alt-rock. The combination of tent-bound DJ talent is far more standard than you'd expect from a man of Moby's sundry taste: Carl Cox, John Digweed, DJ Tiesto, Dieselboy, and DJ Tim Skinner. Maybe future additions to the bill will shake it up. (Walters)
August 2-4 Barry Manilow
August 5 Smokin Grooves: The Smokin' Grooves are back, and there's nary a bong-toting Cypress Hill hanger-on in sight. Wisely, on this comeback version of the traveling hip-hop revue, organizers lean toward rap's other organic wings. Outkast represent for the freaks and put on the best hip-hop stage show since George Clinton, understand? Jurassic Five ostensibly represent the backpack intellectuals, but take out Charli 2na and all you've got is the Black-Eyed Peas. The Roots have been the DNA for the neo-soul-and-hip-hop revival, and they remain relevant, if not a bit stagnant. As for Lauryn Hill, it's quite possible that her new material has more substance and bite than histrionics, but as seen on her Unplugged special, it might take a while for her to strike that balance. We'll be waiting. (Caramanica)
August 6 Yes
August 7 Santana
August 8 Kenny Rogers
August 10 Bonnie Raitt+Lyle Lovitt
August 14 The Allman Brothers Band+Galactic
August 16 Hall & Oates
August 18 KTU Beatstock
August 21 Diana Krall
August 22 Kenny Chesney
August 29 Jethro Tull
August 30 The Who+Robert Plant
August 31 B.B. King Blues Festival


Hudson River Park, Chambers Street at Hudson River, 416-5354
June 9 Los Amigos Invisibles
June 26 Clinic: The Liverpool quartet everybody likes has their ducks lined up: airy arrangements that cunningly integrate familiar sounds (that overdriven garage-rock organ sounds keen at live volumes), non-overbearing visual shtick (surgical outfits!), a frontman who sings like he's having a panic attack, and songs so primal they have to be covers but aren't. (Wolk)
More dates TBA.


Coney Island, www.villagevoice.com/siren
July 20: For the second year in a row, this paper is treating the city to a day of fun, sun, and great live music at no cost whatsoever. Doesn't the Voice rule? Coney Island will be indie rock central on July 20, as a smokin' lineup including Only Band That Matters Sleater-Kinney, local post-punkers Les Savy Fav, and White Stripes protégés the Von Bondies rock in the shadow of the Cyclone. Better get in line now—it's gonna be packed. Also with the Shins and Bob Log III. (Phillips)

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