Bosom Maximus

For that, see Breakfast in Bed, a cute, ridiculous picture of Meyer's third wife, the bountiful Kitten Natividad, posed in bed and offering us a cup of coffee. In his autobiography, Meyer recounts how this "nymphomaniacal" woman used to "toy delicately and provocatively with her well-coifed, hairy attractor, drawing the moviemaker's spring-steel schlong inexorably to the sexy housewife's magnetic field." Notice the "housewife" bit. As with Hefner, many of Meyer's scenarios are irrevocably middle-class.

The rest, as Meyer says, "is all boobs." Don't miss the picture of Letha Weapons, she of the 36H bra. Or the three endearing shots of Lorna Maitland, the star of Lorna and Mudhoney. (Three rock groups have named themselves after Meyer films, including Mudhoney, Vixen, and Faster Pussycat, although a case could be made for a fourth with the Smashing Pumpkins.) Although Meyer will certainly be remembered more for his films than his photographs, these 21 pictures remind us that every artist is, at the end of the day, an outsider artist.

"I start to get interested at about a D cup": Eve With Legs Up (circa 1959/2002).
photo: Courtesy Feigen Contemporary, New York
"I start to get interested at about a D cup": Eve With Legs Up (circa 1959/2002).


Russ Meyer
Feigen Contemporary
535 West 20th Street
Through July 27

Meyer's autobiography reads like a flat-footed version of Lolita. More than 150 pages into that novel's crazed mania, narrator Humbert Humbert stops and asks, "Did I mention that I loved her?" Similarly, though not as devastatingly, Meyer, after more than 1000 pages of rhapsodizing about bodacious tatas, turns his attention to Pandora Peaks, whose breasts truly are the size of soccer balls. He begins, "An extraordinary extravagant even inimitable Bosomania extra. Breast-bludgeoning. Numbing. Stunning. Anesthetizing. Equipoise. Equilibrium. Equanimity. Cleavage. Fissure. Bifidity. Rotundity. Globularity. Orbicularity and Globosity. Surging. Quivering. Heaving. Swaying. Intoxicating." This goes on for 10 more pages. As Meyer once said, "I push everything to the brink."

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