Targeting Toddlers

The War on Non-Combatants

So far, there are two dead, including 18-month-old Sinai Kenaan, who was sitting in her stroller at the terrorist's well-chosen target—an ice cream parlor. Ice cream parlor? How low can you go? Supermarkets, cafés, pool halls, and hotel dining rooms give suicide bombers a wide array of ages to maim and kill. But an ice cream parlor on a warm evening is sure to be packed with little kids.

Personally, I hate terrorists, particularly the ones who target toddlers. But then, I'm a New Yorker and I've always prided myself on being politically incorrect.

Shiran's father, Samir, is doing a lot of hospital hopping. His wife, Dalia, is in a different hospital with wounds to her face and total hearing loss. "She can't close her mouth and just cries and cries," said Samir, a taxi driver. "She keeps talking about seeing a baby's skull come off and her brains pouring out."

Shiran's older sister Berta is in yet another hospital. The blast sent her flying and she smashed to the ground on her stomach. "She is eight months pregnant," said Samir. "The doctors aren't sure about the baby—they can't find a heartbeat."

"And people talk about an overuse of force by Israel," scoffed Lieutenant Colonel Olivier Rafowicz, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces. "When you attach 15 kilos of explosives to a man with a brain it becomes an extraordinarily lethal weapon, much more lethal that anything we use. That man can wait around for 20 to 30 minutes just to choose the right moment to kill as many people as possible."

"Suicide bombing is perceived as the weapon of the weak, but it is the most lethal weapon in the conflict," he said.

"Suicide bombings should be classified as 'nonconventional warfare.' "

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